Get amazing Analytical Insights about your guest likes, dislikes and preferences

Improve your online reputation, identify your guest and improve satisfaction level

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Product features

Review Management

RepuSight collects reviews about your hotel from different portals, you can view all reviews in one single dashboard

Review Analytics

Every review contains vital information, we drill down to granular level of reviews and extract informations relevant to departments

Competitive Analysis

Get Insights to your competitors and benchmark your performance

Social Media monitoring

Know what your guest are taking about your hotel on social media and respond to them in timely manner

Guest Survey

Get real time updates on Guest feedback and identify areas of improvement

Guest IQ

Know your Guest when they walk in to your property, surprise them with your services

Offer Management

Engage your guest real time with your hotel offers and discounts

Landing Page

Highlight good reputation about your hotel to the Guest and build trust while engaging them in direct booking

Issue Management

Identify the issues and assign the task to relevant department for tracking progress and resolution

Review Notification

Get instant notification for new reviews posted about your hotel on review sites

Who We Are

What if we told you we know your customers really well? Yes. That’s right. Decades of experience in customer loyalty and reputation management combined with our love for playing with Data and Analytics technologies gives us the cutting edge to develop solutions to read your customers mind.

What We Do

  • We illustrate what your customers think about your business based on core data facts - So you can adapt with winning strategies to beat your competition.
  • We highlight new revenue opportunities arising from your customer data - So you can market your services addressing new opportunities and gain market share.
  • We help build a loyal customer patronage base for you - So repeat business easily translates to revenue, reducing technology costs and increasing the bottom-line.

Reputation Analytics

Get amazing analytical insights to what your customer thinks about your business and preferences so you can adapt to server better – WIN customer forever!

Reputation Marketing

Boost your online rankings and direct bookings by publishing rich Hawkeye reviews on your own site, OTA’s and social media

Reputation Survey

Onsite surveys are a great way to reach and engage your customers. Get real time results for quick and easy analysis

Guest IQ

Identify your guest when they walk into your property, get insights into their needs, preferences and interest